Visiting Mont Saint-Michel

An essential part of France's heritage, take advantage of your stay in Granville to visit Mont Saint-Michel and its abbey.

An essential part of France’s heritage and an internationally renowned tourist site, Mont Saint-Michel is a symbol that must be seen at least once in a lifetime. A true architectural feat, it is sometimes referred to as the eighth wonder of the world.

The abbey of Mont St-Michel, the site not to be missed

The Mont Saint-Michel is divided into two main parts: at the foot of the Mont, you walk through the village and its cobbled streets and then, at the top, you reach the abbey. The abbey is the genesis of the history of Mont Saint-Michel. From the heights of its terraces and then, through a visit to the monks’ living quarters, you will travel through space and time in a spiritual atmosphere. Discover the refectory, the cloister, the scriptorium… All of these places that used to punctuate the day of men of faith, combining prayer and work. The abbey church, for its part, is the highlight of this discovery with its choir, a jewel of flamboyant Gothic architecture.

What else can you do at Mont Saint-Michel?

Once you have discovered the abbey, you can go back down to the narrow streets where you will find museums, shops and restaurants. The tour of the fortifications also offers a panoramic view of the bay of Mont Saint-Michel. This is where the highest tides in Europe take place. During the “Grandes Marées”, the water height can reach up to 14 metres! Would you like to get a closer look at this vast expanse of sea? Then meet the Bay guides for a complete crossing of this incredible natural area.

Crossings of the Bay of Mont Saint-Michel

There are some experiences around the world that will always stay with you. By experiencing true natural spectacles, a sense of eternity settles in our minds. While feeling small in the face of the immensity and power of nature, we nevertheless feel at one with it. Crossing the bay of Mont St-Michel gives you this feeling. Accompanied by a passionate and experienced guide, you will completely disconnect from everyday life while contemplating the immensity of this extremely rich natural space. This is where the largest tides in Europe take place. It has taken thousands of years for water, wind, rock, fauna and flora to create this environment.

With the guidance and passionate commentary of the Bay’s guides, experience a crossing on foot as the pilgrims have done for centuries.


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