Jullouville beach

The beach of Jullouville is located 9 km south of Granville. Appreciated for its fine sand, it allows the practice of many activities.

Jullouville beach, ideal for families

Located 9 km south of Granville, the immense beach of Jullouville stretches between Saint-Pair-sur-Mer and Carolles. Appreciated for its fine, clean sand, it is easy to play various beach games. At the foot of the dykes set up for walking, where many children take their first lessons on bikes, scooters or rollerblades, the sand is dry and soft. This is where you can put your towel or beach mat down and enjoy the sunshine with a view of the beach and the sea. This is an excellent way to watch the sunset, as the beach at Jullouville faces due west. The hues of the sky mixed with pink and orange reflecting on the sea is always a spectacle that leaves no one unmoved…

As you approach the water, towards the “foreshore”, the sand settles naturally with the water. At low tide, people come here to fish on foot and also to practice sand yachting. You can also take advantage of this superb playground to easily sculpt the sand with the children, find the most beautiful pearly shells or lay out a field for improvised ball games.

A Norman beach committed to sustainability

In addition to being appreciated by locals and tourists alike, the quality of Jullouville’s beach is recognised by the Blue Flag label. This is a recognition of a voluntary sustainable development approach to the coastline and coastal areas in general. Thus, the various managers, particularly the local authorities, are committed to achieving levels of excellence in terms of water quality, environmental management, environmental education and safety.

Jullouville, a typical seaside resort in Normandy

Jullouville, also known as Jullouville-les-Pins, is one of the Normandy seaside resorts that flourished at the beginning of the XXᵉ century. Like Trouville, Cabourg and Granville, the fashion for sea bathing led to the rapid development of these popular holiday resorts. The streets are built around three large avenues leading to the sea. There are many shops, restaurants, beach boutiques, craft shops, etc. The summer is particularly lively thanks to the funfair that takes place during the high season. It is also here that many Normans have learned to swim, whether in the sea or in the temporary swimming pool dedicated to learning.