Chausey, beautiful and preserved islands

Take a day trip to Chausey, from the port of Granville.

Chausey, islands rocked by the highest tides in Europe

365 islets at low tide, 52 at high tide… This is how the Chausey archipelago is often presented. A few nautical miles from Mont-Saint-Michel, opposite the port of Granville, this natural jewel lives to the rhythm of the highest tides in Europe. Thus, a certain number of islets are submerged at each tide. This is what gives the archipelago its unique character in the world. From hour to hour, during a day in Chausey, you will watch the landscape change with the water level, the rotation of the sun and the character of the wind. The blues of the sky and water are sometimes grey, sometimes blue. The green of the meadows and the maritime flora sway in the sea air. The pearly white of the sand glows in the light… A walk in Chausey is always a communion, a reconnection, with nature and its elements.

Day trip to Chausey

To get to Chausey, you will have to board a boat from the port of Granville. Depending on your taste for sailing, you can choose between speedboats or traditional sailing boats to experience your day in Chausey.

The Granville-Chausey speedboats

This is the quickest and easiest way to get to the Grande Ile, the main island of Chausey. In 50 minutes, you will make your Granville-Chausey crossing, either on the deck or in a cabin, depending on your mood. Then go to the ferry terminal to embark. Reservations are highly recommended.

Traditional sailing boats

Crossing the sea to the Chausey Islands on board a traditional sailing boat is sure to leave you with indelible memories! Relive the feelings of the sailors of yesteryear and take part in the manoeuvring at your leisure. Learn the names of the sails and ropes with the crew and then hoist the sails.

Lunch in Chausey

During your day in Chausey, you should take time to have lunch facing the sea. Whether you prefer a picnic or the terrace of a restaurant, it is important to anticipate this moment so that it takes place in complete relaxation.

  • Picnicking in Chausey: To have lunch with your feet in the sand or on a rock, you can choose one of the island’s beaches.
  • Eat out in a restaurant in Chausey: two restaurants offer you the chance to sit on the terrace and enjoy lunch or dinner with a view of the sea. Remember to book before you leave to ensure you get the best tables. On the menu: seafood specialities, including the famous Chausey blue lobster! Meat lovers and vegetarians will also find something to their liking.


En mai et en juin, nous vous offrons les petits-déjeuners !*

Servi en salle ou en terrasse, le buffet se compose de produits sucrés et salés fournis par des producteurs locaux.

petit déjeuner buffet continental au restaurant le 110 à granville

*Cette offre n’est pas valable pour les séjours en soirée étape.